Chiropractic, a path to the Quality of Life and Wellness

The importance of chiropractic care throughout our lives

In human beings, Innate intelligence (inborn intelligence) is present from the moment of conception. It tells the first cell how to divide to become two cells. Eventually the cells become different tissues, then organs, then a complete living breathing human being.

We all have an innate intelligence within each of us, controlling everything that goes on within our body. From respiration to heart rate, to controlling blood pressure, to the healing of wounds, to even something simple like our eyes blinking. Our innate intelligence handles these things so we do not have to.

To control these things, Innate intelligence uses force. This force is manifested by way of the transmission of mental impulses. These mental impulses are what have the effects on our bodies (the matter). Without this force we cannot exist.

But, what about when force is slowed down or partially blocked?

What about when a vertebral subluxation (misalignment) adds stress or tension to our spinal cord, interfering with nervous system communication to the body? Our body (matter), which is already less than 100%, will be further diminished by the partial blockage of force. When that happens, our innate intelligence, in order to keep us alive, essentially will rob one or more organs or systems in order to keep another one functioning.

Chiropractic treatment and preventative care, helps reduce the subluxation, restoring properly opened nerve channels.

When this is done, proper communication can be sent from the brain to the body and in a sick and dis-eased body, proper communication equates to healing.

When there are no subluxations, the body will be working with ease. A misalignment in the spine by itself, usually produces no pain in the early stages, so you are unaware that it is present. Once subluxations are present in the body, it is then working without ease or with dis-ease. If this condition persists for a long enough period of time, which could be years to decades, a condition of disease will result. This will then trigger symptoms to alert you that the situation is serious and you can no longer afford to ignore it.

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